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Skidmore College
Friends of Skidmore Athletics

Located in the lobby of the Williamson Sports and Recreation Center, the Skidmore College Athletics Hall of Fame recognizes individuals or teams who have made outstanding contributions to Skidmore athletics. Since its establishment in 2004, many exceptional individuals or teams have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, and each has helped bring excellence and distinction to the college and its athletic 程序. Please come and visit it on your next trip to Skidmore College!

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Spencer Cheng '11, Men's Tennis (Doubles)
Eleanor Lee Ford '14, Women's Tennis
Scott Grillo '10, Men's Lacrosse
Jimmy Sherpa '14, Men's Tennis (Doubles)
Ashley Woodhouse Slade '07, Women's Riding

Special Recognition
Stacey Gerrish '87, Men's/Women's Skiing

James Tucci, Head Coach, Rowing

Team of Distinction
2012 Baseball Team

Andrew P. Bannon '15
Alexander C. Barber '13
Nicholas R. Barra”15
马修·F. Barra”15
凯文·米. Cross '15
艾萨克·L. Forman '14
杰西B. Frehling '14
Geoffrey T. 绿色”13
丹尼尔·G. Johnstone '14
约旦F. Keysor '13
艾略特米. Kreitenberg '14
Brian M. Lowry '12
马克斯·R. Martins '13
丹尼尔一. Miller '15
Michael H. Pannozzi '13
Alexander J. Pavelock '14
Nicholas C. Petrella '15
莱昂内尔J. Pollacchi '13
Casey B. 奎因的13
扎卡里·J. Rudman '12
罗伯特。米. Safir '14
杰里米·J. Selecky '14
Jeffrey F. Spindel '14
马修·F. Tatkow '13
Erik Watkins '14
Justin Willig '15

罗纳德·R. Plourde, Head Coach
Bob Bogdan, Assistant Coach
J.T. Tellstone, Assistant Coach
Eric Thompson, Assistant Coach


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